Unhealthy Mix of Medical Practices and Profit

Unhealthy Mix of Medical Practices and ProfitUnhealthy Mix of Medical Practices and Profit

In efforts to augment their income, some unscrupulous doctors are incorporating highly profitable new cosmetic procedures into their medical practice, often in areas outside their original specialty.

Pointing to the unhealthy mix of medicine and business, Ali Manafi, head of the First International Congress of Breast Reconstruction and Restoration Surgeries, said that 98% of failed plastic surgeries are performed by physicians not certified by the Iranian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ISPS).

The confab will be held on October 28-30 at Imam Khomeini Hospital Complex Hall affiliated to the Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

According to law, any licensed physician can legally perform cosmetic surgery, regardless of whether or not they are trained in the field. Therefore, it is extremely important for people to check the credentials of a doctor before opting for cosmetic surgery, Alef News Agency quoted Manafi as saying.  

Unfortunately, many untrained physicians are performing plastic surgeries for profit. For instance, there are several dermatologists and general physicians who perform breast augmentation, he said.

“I always stress to medical residents (physicians) that your honesty and dedication to a patient’s satisfaction as well as true commitment to your job will enhance your income in the long-term,” he said pointing out that plastic surgery requires specialized training, and “complications can arise when untrained doctors don’t know how to anticipate emergencies or handle them when they arise.”

Fortunately, the Health Ministry has taken measures to help people identify surgeons certified by the ISPS.

“Today, most people have access to the Internet and they can get information on whether surgeons are certified by the board or not on the website, he said.

 Permanent Damage

It is also unfortunate that many people go in for the cheapest surgeries without regard to a doctor’s qualifications or experience. Such decisions can end up causing permanent damage, he cautioned.

Although cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is the most well-known kind of plastic surgery, plastic surgery itself is not necessarily considered cosmetic; reconstructive surgery also is a part of plastic surgery. “Our certified plastic surgeons make great efforts to repair patients’ congenital abnormalities or damage caused by accidents, burns and specific diseases including cancer.”

Manafi said a major goal of the upcoming meeting is to improve surgical education.

“International experts in the field of plastic surgery from France, UK, Germany, Italy and Mexico will attend the congress. Iranian and foreign participants will discuss the latest techniques in plastic surgery that have less side effects.”