School Oral Hygiene Program Takes Off

School Oral Hygiene Program Takes OffSchool Oral Hygiene Program Takes Off

The first phase of the Health Ministry’s School Fluoride Varnish Program commences on October 25 to promote oral hygiene among students and prevent dental cavities.

“The second phase will commence in March next year,” said Hamid Samadzadeh, head of Oral Hygiene Department at the ministry, IRNA reported.

To be implemented in 20,000 urban and 40,000 rural schools, the plan covers 7.7 million primary school students with a three-pronged agenda: education, prevention and treatment.

According to the latest data, the average DMF (Decayed, Missing, and Filled) index for 12-year-olds in the country is 2.09. The ministry aims to bring it down to one over the next six years.

Previous assessments show fluoride therapy helps reduce dental caries by 25-45%.