Warning on Silent Killer CO

Warning on Silent Killer COWarning on Silent Killer CO

Carbon monoxide poisoning was one of the major causes of death in the second half of 2015, said Shahram Mousavi, Clinical and Anatomical deputy at the Tehran Coroner Office. Every year, thousands of people in the country are admitted to hospitals with suspected CO poisoning. Last year, there were 625 deaths due to CO poisoning, of whom 468 were men and 185 women, including 117 men and 28 women in Tehran, showing a 14.2 % increase over the previous year, IRNA reported. Tehran is ranked the 7th most hazardous city in Iran in terms of CO poisoning. Alborz, Semnan and Zanjan are among the top provinces in this regard.  CO is an odorless gas mainly caused by incomplete combustion of fossil fuel. Hence the performance of fuel heating systems and the outflow of toxic gases should be checked carefully, he added.