Ergogenic Aids Cause Epilepsy

Ergogenic  Aids Cause EpilepsyErgogenic  Aids Cause Epilepsy

The abuse of ergogenic substances is one of the major causes of epilepsy among youth, says Dr. Parviz Bahrami, a neurologist, and secretary of the 11th International Congress on Epilepsy.

Ergogenic aids are any external influences that can be determined to enhance performance in high-intensity exercises. These include mechanical aids (such as ergogenic fabrics),  nutritional (sports supplements), and pharmacological, physiological and psychological aids.

 Epilepsy is a disorder of the brain functions and can occur due to many causes. It can even happen without any special reason. Sixty percent of epilepsies occur without any known reason and its onset can be anywhere from birth to adulthood, ISNA reported.

 Brain Trauma

In adulthood the most common causes of epilepsy are brain trauma and substance abuse including psychographics such as tramadol, which is a narcotic-like pain reliever used to treat moderate to severe pain.

 Also ergogenic substances and supplements can trigger the disease.

 According to global statistics, about one percent of the world’s population suffers from epilepsy; In Iran, nearly 700,000 people suffer from the problem.

There are myths about epilepsy in all countries; and the myths are especially more in traditional societies. For example it is commonly believed that people with epilepsy can not marry. But the disease can be controllable with medication; therefore raising community awareness about the issue is a necessity.