SWO Plan to Help Tackle Family Abuse

SWO Plan to Help Tackle Family Abuse
SWO Plan to Help Tackle Family Abuse

The State Welfare Organization (SWO) is planning to hold workshops on prevention of domestic violence and spousal abuse.

 Domestic violence poses a serious threat to the very institution of family and marriage; therefore the views of experts participating in the workshops will be elicited on the prevention of such social maladies, said Farhad Eftar, director general at the SWO’s department for social disorders.

Eftar pointed out that nation-wide education and awareness programs through information and communication will be conducted for the benefit of families and married couples.

He said offering sex education and counseling to youth planning to get married will help address many social issues.

 A number of brochures and books have been prepared and will be made available to young people and families in the near future.

“SWO will also hold free prenuptial training courses for the youth,” IRNA reported him as saying.

Eftar said a system is being devised to study various social ills threatening young people as well as families, and plans will be devised to resolve the problems.

Also plans are on the agenda to cooperate with the Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare Ministry to reduce social disorders in the current year, the funding for which has been increased.