Iranian-German Research Center to Open Soon

Iranian-German Research Center to Open SoonIranian-German Research Center to Open Soon

The joint Iranian-German research center for new medical technologies will begin phase one of its activities in three months, according to Fathollah Moztarzadeh, president of the Iranian Organizations for Science and Technology (IROST).

“Part of the building infrastructure and laboratories for the activities of the international research center have been completed and are ready to start the first phase of operations in the next three months,” he said, Mehr News Agency reported.    

Iran signed the agreement to establish the international center for new medical technologies in Tehran with the International Neuroscience Institute of Hanover, Germany in January 2015. The agreement was signed by Prof. Majid Samii, head of the institute and an outstanding international figure in the field of neurosurgery, and Minister of Science, Research and Technology Mohammad Farhadi.

Various fields of medical sciences and biomedical engineering will be presented by prominent experts, and nearly 1000 Iranian and foreign researchers are expected to take part in the center’s activities.

Moztarzadeh added that the center will be completed within three years, and an 11-member panel of experts comprising Iranian and German professors will work out its scientific and research policies.  

IROST was founded in 1980 shortly after the ratification of the IROST’s Statute by the Islamic Revolutionary Council aimed at providing support to Iranian researchers, inventors and industrialists. It provides valuable services in fulfilling the country’s scientific, technical and engineering requirements through supporting applied and developmental research as well as developing new technologies by exploiting qualified experts and modern equipment and facilities.

The Hanover institute provides healthcare of the highest quality for diseases of the nervous system through internationally renowned physicians, outstanding medical technology and excellence in service.

The multidisciplinary institute brings together physicians in neurology, neurosurgery, neuroradiology, ENT and orthopedics who treat patients with neurological disorders. It offers a disease-specific, patient-focused approach to healthcare.