Comprehensive Development Plan for Needy Children

Comprehensive Development Plan for Needy Children
Comprehensive Development Plan for Needy Children

A document that lays down the strategy for development and growth of vulnerable children is ready to be unveiled.

On the eve of the First National Conference on Comprehensive Growth of Children, Anoushiravan Mohseni Bandpei, head of the State Welfare Organization, said the plan “is a leap towards social equity,” Mehr News Agency reported.

Implementation of the plan will provide an opportunity for 180,000 to 200,000 children from vulnerable sections in remote areas to attend kindergarten and have one hot meal a day.

Furthermore, skills development and training in a multi-dimensional approach is among the SWO’s objectives to empower needy children.

“Malnutrition is a major problem faced by children in underprivileged families and to contain the problem, data collection, surveys, welfare programs and supportive and social policies are required,” Bandpei said, underlining the necessity of investing on childhood as the emotional, physical and learning ability of children is shaped during this period.

He announced that the initial draft of the plan, covering vulnerable children under eight years old, is ready to be implemented. “Negotiations are underway with the Education Ministry to establish its secretariat,” he added.

 Labor Children

A database of child labor is also being compiled under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice, to monitor vulnerable kids. So far, 175,000 dropouts have been identified, among whom, 100,000 kids have returned to schools and resumed their education, said Minister of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare, Ali Rabiei.

“To address malnutrition in underprivileged children, food support packages, including milk and a hot meal a day, will be provided in schools,” he said.

The plan in part includes providing cheap and free recreation and sport facilities for children with the assistance of municipalities and “280 sport centers, earlier specified for workers, have been earmarked for vulnerable families.”

Rabiei noted that the comprehensive development plan for children calls for close collaboration between the ministries of labor, health, justice and the media.