Plea to Families of Hajj Victims

Plea to Families of Hajj VictimsPlea to Families of Hajj Victims

It may not be possible to transfer the bodies of some of the victims of the September 24 Mina stampede to Iran for burial, said Health Minister Hassan Hashemi, appealing to their families to agree to the burial of their loved ones in Saudi Arabia. Due to the long Eid al-Adha holidays in Saudi Arabia there was delay in regular communication with Saudi officials in identification and delivery of the bodies, Mehr News Agency quoted him as saying.  Hashemi also said “It is not feasible to transfer some of the bodies due to their decomposed state and it would be better if families agreed for their burial in Mecca.”

The bodies of 399 Iranian pilgrims were repatriated to Iran after the deadly crush at the ‘Stoning the Devil’ hajj ritual, in which 464 Iranians lost their lives. Many still remain missing.