Travel Law for Women Needs Revision

Travel Law for Women Needs RevisionTravel Law for Women Needs Revision

Vice-President for Women and Family Affairs Shahindokht Molaverdi says the law that restricts a married woman from travelling abroad needs to be amended.

Molaverdi told ISNA she has received many objections on the matter. Married women can’t travel to a foreign destination without their husband’s formal consent.

According to Article 18 of the passport law, ratified in 1972 and amended in1998, married women regardless of their age require their husband’s permission to leave the country. For obtaining or renewing a passport, a notarized permit from the spouse is required. Husbands can easily refrain from allowing their wives to obtain or renew their passport.

But Molaverdi believes the law should be changed, because “the changes in our society, family and women are far progressive now than earlier,” pointing to the fact that today women play significant role in various capacities in the society.

She added, “Some woman have found ways to get around the law, but not all woman are informed.”

The Office of Women and Family Affairs is serious about getting the law modified, Molaverdi said, adding, “Until the modification of the law, we will look for loopholes that will allow our successful women to travel abroad.”