Meeting SDG Targets in Gender Equality

Meeting SDG Targets in Gender EqualityMeeting SDG Targets in Gender Equality

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged investment in today’s adolescent girls so that tomorrow they can stand strong as citizens, political leaders, entrepreneurs and heads of their households.

He made the call in a message on the International Day of the Girl Child (October 11), says a press release from the UN Information Center in Tehran.

The newly adopted Sustainable Development Goals rightly include key targets for gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls. They offer an opportunity for a global commitment to breaking intergenerational transmission of poverty, violence, exclusion and discrimination – and realizing the vision of a life of dignity for all.

“Our task now is to get to work on meeting the SDG targets and making good on our promises to give girls all the opportunities they deserve as they mature to adulthood by 2030. That means enabling them to avoid child marriage and unwanted pregnancy, protect against HIV transmission, stay safe from female genital mutilation, and acquire the education and skills they need to realize their potential,” he said.

It also requires ensuring their reproductive rights. Girls everywhere should be able to lead lives free from fear and violence. “If we achieve this progress for girls, we will see advances across society,” he added.