Tehran to Host Autumn Flower Festival

 Tehran to Host Autumn Flower Festival
 Tehran to Host Autumn Flower Festival

The 6th Seasonal Flower and Plants Exhibition and Autumn Flower Festival will be held from October 20-24 at Tehran Municipality’s specialized exhibition center, located on southern side of Goftegoo Park in Shahid Chamran Highway.

Ali Mohammad Mokhtari, managing director of Tehran Parks and Landscaping, announced at a press conference that with “a vision to encourage widespread public involvement in the expansion of vegetation in Tehran, more than 200 national flower and plant growers are scheduled to attend the exhibition and stalls have been put at their disposal free of charge,” Mehr News Agency reported.

The exhibition is open from 10 am to 9 pm and will also offer educational courses on flowers and plants for those who are not “fortunate enough to have a green thumb,” on how to better nurture their plants.


 4000 Types

Iran harbors nearly 4000 different types of plants, which explains the extensive horticulture exports from the country, in turn boosting revenue.  However, to target the international market, the packaging and transportation services should be improved, the official stressed.

Pointing to the extensive work in the area of urban landscaping, Mokhtari said to reduce maintenance costs public awareness needs to be raised and people must take better care of the vegetation in their surroundings.

He also noted that miniature farms had been set up in 100 parks across the city, the purpose of which is for housewives, retired people and elderly to be able to plant, grow, and harvest their own herbs and vegetables. In addition there are currently 75 plants and flower clinics active in Tehran, where enthusiasts are taught how to take care of their plants. The number of these clinics is planned to rise to 123.

 Flower Parades

So far, 12 international flower and plant exhibitions have been held, in which more than two million people from different parts of the country have attended. This has made the flower and plant exhibition the second most popular in Iran, after the Tehran International Book Fair.  

This year, simultaneous with the exhibition, flower parades are also scheduled in the capital.

 Platnus Trees

Platnus ( Chenar ) trees over 20 years old are to be planted in the city’s busy Valiasr Street. With saplings originally grown in Varamin, Mahallat, and Karaj, during the first stage, 1000 Platnus trees aged 10-15 will be planted. The process will start late December and continue for a month.  

Mokhtari further said irrigation methods should be mechanized. Reservoirs with capacities of 555 square meters have been installed which collect rain water for irrigating the city’s green spaces.

The official added that to protect the roots of the existing trees, new constructions on either side of the Valiasr Street needs to be pushed back further by at least 3 meters.

  Qanat Irrigation

To better manage the water shortage in Tehran, plants which consume less water will be planted. Accordingly, the planting of grass has also been banned.

The 155 Qanats in the capital are currently being exploited for irrigation of urban vegetation; the city council has passed an order to further attend to these Qantas. Twenty-two consultants from the 22 districts of Tehran Province have been chosen to take matters under control.