Cancer Clinics in 113 Cities

Cancer Clinics in 113 CitiesCancer Clinics in 113 Cities

A total of 148 type one cancer centers will be inaugurated in 113 cities across Iran, said deputy health minister Mohammad Aqajani. “The construction of all centers has begun, and we hope they will start operating in the next year,” he said, Borna News Agency reported. Cancer clinics are categorized into three groups; type I clinics offer outpatient services such as screening and diagnosis and are equipped with endoscopy, colonoscopy, mammography and other specialized devices. In type II centers, patients receive radiotherapy, surgery, and medical therapy. The third type offer sub-specialized care. More funds are needed to set up type II and III centers, he said. Given the aging population of Iran, the centers will be instrumental in early diagnosis and effective treatment of cancer among the elderly, he added.