Scientific Production in Farsi

Scientific Production in FarsiScientific Production in Farsi

The Persian language is 11th on the list of global scientific languages, according to Dr. Mohammad Javad Deghqani, head of Regional Information Center for Science and Technology and the Information Sciences Institute (ISI).

“Iran claimed the 28th place globally in publishing Persian-language scientific articles in ISI and other scientific databanks in 2005 with a share of 0.01%. The rate took an ascending turn to reach 0.06% and Persian language claimed the 24th, 22nd, and 17th place in 2012, 2013, and 2014 respectively,” he said, Borna News Agency reported.

In 2014, Farsi language overtook Norway, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovenia, Danish, Bosnian, Lithuanian, Roman, and Finnish in scientific papers.