Workshops to Train Therapists in Alcohol Abuse

Workshops to Train Therapists in Alcohol Abuse Workshops to Train Therapists in Alcohol Abuse

Four workshops to train therapists in treatment of alcoholics are underway at150 Addiction Treatment Centers.

The 4-day workshops which began last week will train therapists on how to deal with alcohol abuse and treat alcoholics, said Ali Farhoudian, head of the Research Center for Substance Abuse at the University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, IRNA reports.

Therapists will apply what they have learnt at the workshops to treat patients and report the results to the research center.

“The center will review the measures and results to find the shortcomings and address them,” Farhoudian said.

On the qualification of participants in the workshops, he said, “They have wide experience in treating drug addiction and have undergone refresher and additional courses.”

On why workshops to address alcoholics, Farhoudian says there are several reasons. Firstly, alcohol consumption is illegal in Iran and so alcoholics tend to hide their problems which often result in complications. Secondly, alcohol is prohibited under Islamic law which is another reason for non-disclosure of addiction.  Finally, alcohol that is available may have been produced or imported illegally, without supervision, and therefore may be dangerous or even lethal for consumption.

At the end of the workshops, temporary licenses will be granted to participants, he added. “If a therapist helps at least five patients annually to overcome alcohol-related problems, their license will be made permanent.”