Stiffer Penalties for Traffic Offences

Stiffer Penalties for Traffic OffencesStiffer Penalties for Traffic Offences

A new proposal on traffic fines that seeks stiffer penalties for various traffic violations has been sent to the government for approval, says Mehdi Yadi Hamedani, Secretary of the High Council for City Traffic Coordination.

The proposal was sent last month and envisages a 100% increase in fines for traffic accidents and a 50% hike for other driving offences, ISNA reported.

As per the law, traffic fines should increase in proportion to the inflation rate but the council is opposed to this measure, “as the purpose of fines should only be a deterrent on rash driving.” In other words, the council believes the law needs to be changed.

In March 2014, a proposal that sought doubling of all driving fines, based on the inflation rate, was sent to the government. It was rejected by the council of ministers, who said an increase in fines should apply to just a few offences.

On the delay for implementing the revised proposal, he said there were obstacles. “Traffic police have to prepare a detailed assessment on the efficacy of the fines levied.”

Another problem was the plan on penalty points that should lead to driving restrictions on violators or confiscation of their licenses. While the penalty point system has been enforced, the punishments for violations have not been imposed yet, he added.