Abidi Pharma Makes Migraine Drug

Abidi Pharma Makes Migraine Drug Abidi Pharma Makes Migraine Drug

A valproate sodium drug to treat migraine and seizures was successfully produced by local manufacturer Abidi Pharmaceutical Company for the first time in the country, said neurologist Dr. Ehsan Mohammadiani-Nezhad.

The medication is used to treat seizures and all forms of epilepsy and mood/mental conditions. The new drug under the brand name Depakine is an anticonvulsant medication to treat certain types of seizures and in lower dosages prevents migraines and diabetes as well.

It is approved by the Food and Drug Administration as medication for migraines and “has a special place in treatment of headaches.” The high quality brand will soon replace costly imported medication, reports khabaronline.  

As per global statistics, 18% of women and 6% of men suffer from migraines. In Iran the figure is 12% and is 2.5-3 times more common among adult women. Preteen boys are also more likely to suffer from migraines, he noted.

Migraine is a genetic predisposition and the 7th debilitating disease among women around the world. It is recurring attacks of moderate to severe headaches that could hinder everyday tasks.

Mohammadiani-Nezhad pointed to the treatment process of migraines and said, while they can’t be cured, they can be managed with pain-relieving and preventive medication under doctor’s supervision.

Pain-relieving medications, also known as acute or abortive treatment, are drugs taken during migraine attacks and are designed to stop symptoms that have already begun. Preventive medications are taken regularly, often on a daily basis, to reduce the severity or frequency of migraines.