Sharif Student Robo Cup Results

Sharif Student Robo Cup Results Sharif Student Robo Cup Results

Teams from Mazandaran and Isfahan ranked first and second respectively and students from Nimruz in Sistan-Baluchestan Province came third in the 4th Robotics Championships ‘Sharif Cup’ held at Sharif University of Technology, in Tehran.

“Four students from the Nimruz team invented the fire extinguisher robot after months of research and endeavor,” the team manager told IRNA.

He said the team came third from among the 15 participating teams despite the fact they had neither advanced technology nor funds. He thanked the Nimruz educational director for his support and asked provincial officials to further support and encourage local talent.

Robotics workshops were held in the province from the beginning of the current Iranian year (started March 21) by a member of Iran’s robotic team. Initially 250 students took part but after assessment, innovative students were identified and invited to Sajazi Sistani research center.

The education of many students in Nimruz is disrupted due to financial difficulties. Many quit school since families cannot provide even basic facilities like stationery and clothing for their children.