Teachers’ Ranking Comes Into Force

Teachers’ Ranking Comes Into ForceTeachers’ Ranking Comes Into Force

The ranking system for teachers, approved by the Human Resource Management and Development Council last month, will come into force in the new academic year (started September 23).

Full-time teachers are ranked in four categories: basic, senior, expert and supreme entitling them to 15%, 25%, 35% and 50% salary increase respectively, reports Alef News Agency.

The rankings are assigned according to each teacher’s versatility, education, work experience, and research qualifications.

The council has been allocated $409 million to implement the salary hike during the current calendar year (started March 21), and will be provided $1,060 million in the following year.

Teachers have been evaluated based on their compliance with specific criteria vis-a-vis educational planning and teaching techniques. Participation in individual and group activities, education and scientific societies, applying innovative and dynamic teaching techniques based on effective use of media and new technologies in the educational system such as IT and ICT (Information and Communication Technology), use of the latest methods and tools for evaluating academic achievement and skills-based assignments to bring innovation and creativity in the education process, were among the yardsticks.

Teachers with six years of experience and 180 hours of specialized training courses, working full-time from the academic years 2014 and 2015, having achieved at least 60% of the general and professional competency level, come under the basic ranking.

For seniors, 12 years of experience with 150 hours of specialized training, and 65 % achievement in the general and professional competency level was the benchmark.

Those with 18 years of experience, and 120 hours of specialized training courses, and 75 % of the general and professional competency level, come under the expert category Finally,  teachers with 24  years of experience, 100 hours of specialized training and 85% of general and professional competency level are assigned in the supreme category.