Bank Dey, IKRC in Joint Efforts to Help Needy

Bank Dey, IKRC in Joint Efforts to Help NeedyBank Dey, IKRC in Joint Efforts to Help Needy

Joint measures will be undertaken to facilitate employment opportunities to empower poor families under the supervision of the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee (IKRC) and help them achieve financial independence.

An agreement to this effect was signed by Parviz Fattah, head of IKRC and Ahmad Shafizadeh, General Manager of Bank Dey, reports IRNA.

The efforts are in line with identifying potential talent of the underprivileged and providing them vocational training after which they will be granted interest-free loans to facilitate their participation in the labor market.

As per the agreement, $1.8 million will be allocated by Bank Dey to provide facilities and loans to the poor who seek business start-ups. Each beneficiary will get a loan of $4,412 after providing a letter of introduction from the IKRC and creditable title deeds as collateral.

Bank Dey has already started the scheme in Sistan-Baluchestan and Kerman provinces which have the highest rate of poverty and unemployment.