Spurious Food Items

Spurious Food ItemsSpurious Food Items

The head of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cautioned against the increase in spurious food items in the country.

 Rasoul Dinarvand said with scientific advancement, fraudulent food articles have increased and “we need new advanced equipment for fraud detection.” He said a request had been made to the deputy for science and technology affairs to allocate $6 million to the FDA so that they could purchase advanced detectors to identify contaminated and fake edible products, Mehr news agency quoted Dinarvand as saying.

The FDA is also planning to enforce labeling of products to help people identify healthy foods. All food products will have to comply with this procedure within an 18-month period, he said. The labels will be in three colors of red, yellow and green: red indicating avoidance, yellow, a milder warning and green, safety in product consumption.