Some Reprieve for Draft Dodgers

Some Reprieve for Draft DodgersSome Reprieve for Draft Dodgers

All draft evaders absent for eight years and over may get exemption from military service by paying cash penalty as per the new regulations, which will apply equally to all Iranians, residents and expatriates, said General Mussa Kamali, chief conscription officer at the General Staff of the Armed Forces (AFGS).

The rule is effective for the current Iranian year (ends March 20, 2016) only. The deadline for registration was August 21 and all applications seeking military exemption in lieu of cash penalty have been examined. Registration is now closed, although it is likely that the government and the AFGS may agree on resuming the scheme for the second round, and this will be announced by September 22, the Persian language newspaper ‘Iran’ reported.  

Kamali denied statements about the “possibility of buying military service.”

“All eligible Iranians, whether in Iran or abroad have to enlist for military service and buying conscription is not possible for anyone,” he added.

Iranian students living abroad for two years or more, can travel to the country twice a year for up to three months. This rule applies for draft evaders also but they can visit under the circumstances.

Referring to dual citizenships he said, according to the law, those who have not surrendered their Iranian citizenship should enlist for military service and dual citizenship does not exempt them from conscription.

Military service is a bone of contention between the youth and the establishment. All Iranian males are required to report for military service at age 18. However, college students can receive temporary exemption, while others can seek exemption on medical grounds or if they need to care for elderly parents.

According to statistics, each year 2 million students graduate from universities. Unless they have temporary or permanent exemption, they are required to report for military service within a year after graduation.