Women ‘Ready’ for Natural Disasters

Women ‘Ready’ for Natural DisastersWomen ‘Ready’ for Natural Disasters

The advisor to the interior minister on women’s affairs voiced the readiness of women to contribute “to reducing the vulnerability of environmental and natural disasters.”

Fahimeh Farahmandpour, speaking at a meeting on the global framework for reducing vulnerability to natural disasters, emphasized the important role of women in education “in all aspects.” Organizations in charge of women’s affairs exist in all the 31 provinces, which can help mobilize women “to use their capacity and potential in preparedness in various areas,” she said, ISNA reported.

“Women’s communities and NGOs can have a strong influence on education and boosting social culture as they are in close contact with the people,” she noted.

Farahmandpour also stressed that the Women’s Section at the interior ministry “is willing to make further efforts to reduce the vulnerability to natural disasters such as earthquakes.” However, the organization is in need of assistance to design and develop educational program content for the next calendar year, starting March 21, 2015, she pointed out.