Traffic Violations via SMS

Traffic Violations via SMSTraffic Violations via SMS

Traffic offences in the city captured by surveillance cameras are sent by SMS to violators from September 11, said General Teymour Hosseini, head of Tehran Traffic Police.

In the first phase, all traffic violations captured by CCTV cameras will be sent to the vehicle owner’s mobile number within two hours of committing the offence, notifying the penalty and place of infraction, reports Khabaronline.

“Law enforcement must be effective and not merely a deterrent,” he said. Drivers will not be aware of their transgressions unless they are warned immediately. Previously, drivers breaching traffic rules could disclaim their violation and redeem their penalties; prompt notification can prevent such evasion, he added.

Hosseini also pointed to the ineffectiveness of earlier methods whereby written traffic tickets were mailed to car owners’ residential address within 10 days of their infringement.

He asked all vehicle owners to register their mobile numbers if they haven’t and update information on the main database immediately.