University Texts Undergo Revision

University Texts Undergo RevisionUniversity Texts Undergo Revision

From the next academic year, university textbooks will be released in new editions with contents completely revised based on practical education.

“More than 70% of textbooks in humanities and fundamental sciences that will be taught in the next academic year have undergone revision adapted to the needs of today,” said Minister of Science, Research and Technology Mohammad Farhadi, at the commemoration ceremony for faculty members of universities and research centers at Allameh Tabataba’i University in Tehran.

So far, the standard university ranking was solely based on the number of ISI publications. As per the new regulations, henceforth scientific activities, innovation, patents and technology will be the benchmark for university ranking in the country. “The ISI articles will be marked according to their penetration index in the scientific communities,” IRNA quoted him as saying.

At the post graduate level, the thesis, dissertation and final year projects have to be on topics that are tailored to the cultural, economic, social and political needs, he added.

Farhadi also said the ministry’s effort is in line with creating a competitive environment among universities to merit consideration at the international level.  

The minister said a request had been made through the most prestigious global science magazine ‘Scientific Journal’ for cooperation with scientific centers and universities. Various   memorandum of cooperation will be signed between Iranian ministries and international universities as well as scientific centers to conduct joint projects.

In line with improving science and research activities “we will seek tie-ups with most countries,” he added.

He noted that according to Scopus Database, the scientific status of Iran had moved up two notches from 18 to 16. Based on the ISI database, Iran’s academic status has improved from 21 to 18 and its share of science production in the world grew by 3%.