Nanodrug for Salak Disease

Nanodrug for Salak DiseaseNanodrug for Salak Disease

Researchers at Eksir Nano Sina, a knowledge-based firm, have successfully produced a nanodrug that can cure cutaneous leishmaniasis (also known as oriental or tropical sore), the most common skin disease.

“The gel, Sina Amfulish, proved successful in 95% of patients in three weeks of the trial run,” said CEO Mahnaz Qomi.

The skin infection is caused by a single-cell parasite that is transmitted by the bite of a phlebotomine sandfly. About 12 million people worldwide, and 30,000 in Iran, are infected by the disease. The existing drug which is directly injected into the infected wound has become resistant to the parasite. The injection is also painful with side effects, reports Mehr News Agency.

Qomi said the new drug has been successfully tested in animals and is in the final stage of clinical trial in humans under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.