Livestock Insurance

Livestock InsuranceLivestock Insurance

Iran’s Organization for Nomadic Affairs should provide insurance cover for 40% of the livestock owned by nomads, by the end of the Iranian year (began March 20), said Ghader Mohammadi, an official at the organization.

At present, 19% of nomadic livestock have been covered by insurance, IRNA quoted him as saying.  Pointing out that 20% of domestic red meat is supplied by nomads, he said, “They produce more than 180,000 tons of red meat annually.”

At present, 1.2 million nomads live in the country constituting 2% of the population.

The highest rate of social insurance coverage for nomads is in Tehran Province (43%) and South Khorasan has the highest rate of livestock insurance coverage.

The organization held a workshop in Alborz Province to train agents on issuing insurance policy for nomadic people.  Representatives from Ardebil, Tehran, South Khorasan, Semnan, Golestan, Alborz, Markazi and Gilan provinces attended the workshop.