Encyclopedia of World’s Medicine Published

Encyclopedia of World’s Medicine PublishedEncyclopedia of World’s Medicine Published

A fully illustrated encyclopedia of the world’s medical history compiled by Prof. Valiollah Mehrabi, was unveiled at a ceremony in Tehran’s National Library of Iran.

Mehrabi, known as the father of pediatric surgery in the country, was also honored.

The encyclopedia provides an elaborate account of the 9,000-year history of medicine from the time of the Pharaohs to Hippocrates and the Islamic era, reports Borna News Agency.

A less extensive version of the encyclopedia was published in eight volumes in 2007. “Later in 2010, I gathered more information and photos and the updated book was printed and unveiled now,” said Mehrabi, one of the founders of Iranian Surgeons Association.

Dr. Alireza Zali, president of Iran Medical Council, Dr. Taghi Nourbakhsh, head of the Social Security Organization, deputy health minister Reza Malekzadeh and several veterans of the medical faculty were present.

Stressing the importance of harnessing the rich medical antecedents of Iran, Zali said the encyclopedia “has brought together the efforts of all physicians across the world in one place and has a positive but impartial outlook on the role of eastern states.”

The medical industry is undergoing transition and such a comprehensive compilation is a big step in consolidating Iran’s scientific and cultural history, he added.

“The sciences that originated in this land were scattered under different titles the world over,” said Dr. Moslem Bahadori, veteran pathologist. “The results of Mehrabi’s efforts have brought the sciences from across the world back into the Iranian fold.”

As an instance, one of Mehrabi’s students Dr. Houshang Pourang, referred to a book on the history of pediatric surgery in Iran by an Egyptian author where world-renowned Persian polymath and jurist Avicenna was referred to as an Arab.

“Mehrabi has helped remove such misconceptions in his work,” he said.

Mehrabi returned to Iran in 1973 after years of studies in Germany and pioneered pediatric surgery in Bahrami and Amirkabir hospitals and Children’s Medical Center in Tehran.

He was awarded by the Iran Medical Council and veterans of the medical society for his lifelong contribution to medical sciences.