TVTO Plans Rural Youth, Tribal Training

TVTO Plans Rural Youth, Tribal Training TVTO Plans Rural Youth, Tribal Training

More than 2 million people, from university students and young job hunters to soldiers and social workers have so far been trained by Iran Technical and Vocational Training Organization, affiliated to the Ministry of Cooperatives, said Koroush Parand, deputy minister of cooperatives, labor and social welfare.

Over 700 public and 12,000 private educational and vocational training centers are under TVTO supervision. Its objective is to provide skills training to 21 million employees nationwide, 2.5 million university students and graduates and 3 million urban and rural job seekers.

With special focus on the youth, the organization promotes employment opportunities and helps raise labor productivity in industry, agriculture and the service sector. For this purpose, TVTO has a network of 25,000 trainers and teachers, Parand said, quoted by IRNA

Youth empowerment schemes and skills training in rural, tribal and border areas to promote technical education and employment will be implemented soon.

A nation’s entrepreneurial status “is a major factor that influences competitive strategies in the international arena.” Human resources development and promotion of skills are the primary focus, and the organization has evolved 8 strategies, 27 policies and more than 250 executive plans in this regard, he said.

Educational and vocational training were expanded in different sectors including power, energy, automotive, aerospace and carpet weaving, through 50 MoUs with private and public institutions.

Agreements were signed with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and UNESCO to provide training for Iraqi and Afghan teachers. A vocational center was also established with the cooperation of South Korea.

TVTO has paid special attention to agriculture and rural development, for which 2,000 villages were identified. Educational needs assessment was carried out in 238 cities. Besides, 102 nomads from different tribes were provided with academic and vocational training. Under a comprehensive plan to empower the vulnerable and socially disadvantaged, last year 40,570 rehabilitated addicts were provided 100 hours of training each, Parand said.

As Iran’s representative in the WorldSkills (WSI) contest, TVTO holds nationwide competitions annually and winners of two consecutive years are selected for the WorldSkills international championship, a biennial event.

The 43rd WorldSkills Championship took place in Brazil on August 21-26 and among the 59 participating countries, Iran won a silver medal in aquatronics, a bronze in  web designing as well as 8 honorary diplomas in robotics, mechatronics, refrigeration and ventilation systems, electronics and graphic design technology.