Science Parks Under Construction

Science Parks Under Construction	Science Parks Under Construction

There are 300 science and technology parks for students in the country and 101 are under construction. Nearly 42 research centers are equipped with Nanotechnology and 14 more laboratories are to be set up, taking the total to 63 nanolabs, reports Borna News Agency.

Ali Zarafshan, director of Secondary Education at the Ministry of Education, said students play a major role in accelerating the pace of national scientific and technological growth.

Referring to the MoU signed by the ministry and Iran Aerospace Agency, he said more students should be encouraged to take up aerospace as a subject of study.

Outstanding achievements in innovation and patents, and honorary degrees conferred on Iranian students at international festivals and competitions such as the Khwarizmi International Festival, are the outcome of undivided attention paid to students in the field of science and technology.  

The festival of ‘Jabir Bin Hayyan,’ Persian polymath, astronomer engineer, geographer, philosopher, physicist, and physician, will be held for primary school students henceforth.

Science Parks are designed to promote innovation. They support university-industry-government collaboration with the aim of creating high-tech economic development and intellectual advancement.

 High Status

Iran’s science and technology parks have a high status in the region and are ready to collaborate with foreign firms, said deputy minister of Science, Research and Technology Vahid Ahmadi, at a recent meeting of 33 heads of science parks.

Government policies have laid the groundwork for international companies’ presence in Iran by providing the necessary facilities for cooperation with technology parks.

He also pointed to the prospects of extending cooperation with neighboring countries, Armenia, Iraq as well as Central Asia. This will further enhance scientific and technological cooperation and expand investment opportunities.

Habib Rostami, head of the Oil and Petrochemical Science and Technology Park of Bushehr Province, pointed out that lack of space is the main challenge to the park. The Ministry of Roads and Urban Development should make suitable arrangements in this regard. He also referred to budget constraints for enhancing facilities.

Khaled Saeedi, head of Kordestan Province Science and Technology Park, said status of employees is the main issue as there is no official contract for employees.

Moreover, he said that science parks are not involved in policymaking and they should be given a say in this matter.  Science parks should be accredited to the Supreme Council of Research and Technology and all parks must function under the direct supervision of the council as well as the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology so as to move in the same direction.