People’s Endeavor Needed to Combat Drugs

People’s Endeavor Needed to Combat DrugsPeople’s Endeavor Needed to Combat Drugs

Strict security measures and border patrols do not guarantee a completely reliable mechanism in the battle against drugs, and it is necessary “for the general public and social edifices to be further incorporated in this fight,” project manager of Youth Organization Jafar Satvati says.    

Satvati further said prevention of availability and sale of drugs will no doubt reduce its demand; “however we need to educate people, particularly the youth, not to fall prey to drug abuse and to shun the harmful substance even if it is easily available. This will be possible only if the public are largely engaged and made aware of the social harm caused by drug abuse.”

He urged the minister of interior and the director-general of Iran’s Drug Control Headquarters to strengthen public opinion on the issue and encourage greater public participation in the battle against drugs.

 Within Borders

“The problem of drugs is no longer confined  to sources outside of Iran; significant amounts of drugs are being produced within the country. Border patrolling has been going on for decades; nevertheless, the problem continues to persist.” A multilateral approach is necessary to combat the menace, he said.

He noted that families have a serious responsibility to effectively monitor their children and ensure they don’t come under the harm of drug dealers. Other institutions, such as municipalities and local bodies, should also contribute by organizing more youth-targeted activities and events.

Satvati said schools, universities, mass media, and theological centers are all major players in combating drugs.