‘Even-Odd’ Traffic Rules

‘Even-Odd’ Traffic Rules‘Even-Odd’ Traffic Rules

The ‘even-odd’ implementation of traffic in the capital will be completely mechanized by the end of the calendar year (March 21, 2015).

According to the plan, private vehicles should ply on alternate days, in compliance with the last digit on their license plate (even or odd).

At present there are 180 road arteries connected to even-odd zones, and “we are trying to equip them with monitoring systems and surveillance cameras. So, accurate monitoring of traffic in the zones will be implemented,” Mehr news agency quoted Iloosh Vaziri, managing director of Tehran Traffic Control Company (TTCC) as saying.

So far the traffic control has been done manually by police; but due to lack of sufficient police personnel, a large number of illegal entries are occurring.

The automated control system is expected to help reduce traffic violations and illegal entry of vehicles in the zones.

The proper implementation of the ‘even-odd’ rule can also help reduce air pollution; it is one extreme solution for cities that have serious congestion problems and can produce direct, positive results.