Plans to Streamline Blood Transfusion Network

Plans to Streamline Blood Transfusion NetworkPlans to Streamline Blood Transfusion Network

The Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization (IBTO) has come a long way since its establishment in July 1974, in supplying safe blood and plasma products in the country.

In keeping with its slogan “Donate blood, Donate life,” IBTO has expanded its network to provide quality and safe blood products, increase the number of blood donations, effectively manage blood transfusion procedures in hospitals, and upgrade quality of research and education, reports ISNA.

Head of IBTO, Ali Akbar Pourfathollah, pointing to the achievements of the organization, said IBTO evolved a four-year strategic plan last year to streamline the blood transfusion network and play a greater role in the international arena.

“As there are hundreds of blood donation centers, more than 210 blood transfusion and 80 blood processing centers, we planned to bring them under one umbrella for better management.” A centralized blood transfusion system is necessary to eliminate smaller blood units that could affect the quality of blood supplied, he said.

The IBTO seeks to merge smaller blood transfusion centers to meet the international standards in terms of quality.  

Every year 2.1 million blood units are donated to the IBTO which requires proper management.

Pourfathollah referred to the establishment of the Center for Innovation at the IBTO in February 2015, which “is a huge step forward to ensure health and safety of blood products.” The center has all the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and equipment used by IBTO and other hospitals. A unique one of its kind in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean region, it serves as a training institute for both domestic and international reasearchers.

On IBTO role in the international arena, he said the World Health Organization has declared it “a hub of education and research in safe and healthy blood products.” The organization has held several international workshops and seminars on rare blood types and conducted quality control and blood safety tests on blood samples submitted by Middle East countries.

The IBTO plans to hold an international congress to promote blood transfusion processes in the Middle East on December 15-17 in Tehran.