Healthcare in Remote Areas

Healthcare in Remote AreasHealthcare in Remote Areas

Ninety-four health units have been established in remote areas, of which 79 are operating and the rest will start functioning soon, said Naser Kalantari, deputy health minister.

Nearly 10 million people live in rural areas of whom more than 6 million are men and 3 million women, and their health indices were evaluated through demographic studies carried out with the help of 17 health centers, 119 general practitioners and dentists, 166 psychologists, 166 nutritionists, 156 environmental health specialists and 289 experts in other fields, reports IRNA. Each health unit will take care of 12,500 people and every 2 to 4 health units will function under the supervision of one Community Health Center. There will be one health specialist supervising every 3,000 people.

Kalantari pointed to measures that will be taken to boost healthcare in the countryside, including screening for non-communicable diseases and promoting self-care programs. Moreover, services provided by psychologists and nutritionists will be assessed and ranked, while management and monitoring will be improved to provide healthcare for all ages, from infancy to old age.