Boosting People’s Confidence in LEF

Boosting People’s Confidence in LEFBoosting People’s Confidence in LEF

Closed circuit TVs (CCTVs) have been installed at all police stations across the country to monitor the performance of policemen, said deputy police chief, Commander Masoud Monfared.

The measure was taken to ensure that civil rights are upheld. “Policemen will face legal action in case of dereliction of duty or mistreatment of civilians, and their services could even be terminated,” Monfared said, IRNA reported.

Surveillance cameras will remind officers that they are constantly under vigil and can’t neglect their duties, he said. The measure will help reform police functioning in the country and boost people’s confidence in the Law Enforcement Forces.

There is also a separate center with a hotline (197) to attend to people’s complaints about police misconduct. “Citizens’ feedback helps us understand better their experiences at police stations,” he said. Since last year (ended March 20) it has been upgraded as an emergency center.

 On the Spot

On receiving complaints at the center, police visit the location and make efforts to resolve problems on the spot in the presence of complainants, who can witness how law enforcement inspectors deal with violators.

Policemen shouldn’t delay addressing people’s problems on flimsy grounds.  Any disrespect to citizens is also a violation of the law.

At present, there are 42 surveillance teams across Tehran. Such centers will be set up soon in all provinces, Monfared said.

“People should be aware of their rights and report any case of violation by law enforcement officials,” he added.

In many countries, governments have taken various measures to provide citizens with honest, efficient and effective police services that ensure the rule of law and a safe and secure environment. CCTVs have been installed in police stations to record police interaction with the public.

In July, the Indian Supreme Court made CCTVs mandatory in all police stations across the country.