1st National Health Entrepreneurship Event

1st National Health Entrepreneurship Event1st National Health Entrepreneurship Event

Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences is hosting “Health INOTECH,” the first health entrepreneurship conference in the country, from September 1-5.

The event is being held under the auspices of the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology, and aims to link knowledge and technology in the health sector. The business incubator of KUMC is hosting the event, reports IRNA.

An entrepreneurship event provides a platform for knowledgeable elite to convert their ideas into economically feasible plans that investors and business owners can launch in the real world.

INOTECH, the acronym for “idea, innovation, empowering and teamwork,” will help both investors and intellectuals, through all the steps of a business start-up by workshops and development of team skills.

The event will focus on food industries, biotech, medical equipment, cosmetics, medical products and information technology as possible areas for health entrepreneurship. An official certificate will be issued by the Ministry of Health for each participant and they will receive technology grants.

Entrepreneurship in healthcare is seen as a potential revenue-earner. Linking ideas with investments promotes teamwork and transparency, leading to economic security and prosperity. To achieve success, it will require drastic changes in domestic policies and official attitude to non-oil economic opportunities.

The provincial office of the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology, Kermanshah Province Elite Foundation and Kermanshah Science and Technology Park, are sponsoring the event.