Heart Disease Kills 10,000 Under-65 Every Year

Heart Disease Kills 10,000 Under-65 Every YearHeart Disease Kills 10,000 Under-65 Every Year

Around 200 adults under the age of 65 die every week due to heart disease and the British Heart Foundation is warning adults not to be complacent about the risk of the disease.

The charity is putting the family at the center of a television advert in which they appeal for more funding to research the causes of coronary heart disease which remains the biggest killer in the UK, reports

As the leading cause of heart attacks, coronary heart disease claims some 70,000 lives each year, among them, nearly 10,000 adults of working age - equal to around 200 deaths in adults under 65 each week.

Prof. Peter Weissberg, medical director of the foundation, said: “Through medical research, we’ve made great progress in saving the lives of people suffering from heart attacks. But we mustn’t be lulled into thinking we’ve beaten the disease.”

Every year thousands of people are still dying from heart attacks, and coronary heart disease remains the UK’s single biggest killer.

“Despite knowing there are genetic and lifestyle factors which increase the risk of heart attacks, we still have no way to stop the furring of the arteries in coronary heart disease that is responsible for causing so many heart attacks,” he said.

And it is not just regular smokers and eaters of fatty food who are at risk.

Researchers say that anyone can be affected however healthily they eat and however much they exercise. The foundation says, “We understand remarkably little about the process that leads to narrowing of the coronary arteries.”

With one-in-three heart attacks ending in fatality, the only way to reduce the number is to invest more in research.