National Center to Improve Disaster Response

National Center to Improve Disaster ResponseNational Center to Improve Disaster Response

The national center for crisis management opened on Monday at the Interior Ministry building in Tehran.

Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli, said on the occasion that the center “will use remote sensors and sophisticated cameras in sensitive and disaster-prone areas in all provinces.” The devices will help the Crisis Management Organization in timely detection of disasters and recognize a crisis situation so as to help the affected people in the quickest time possible and in the most effective way, ISNA quoted him as saying.  

Governors of Mazandaran and Qom Provinces also briefly spoke with the minister via video conference on the role of the center to improve disaster response.

Fazli emphasized the need to increase the number of cameras in strategic areas across the country.

He also said that as all geologic, hydrologic, and atmospheric phenomena that create hazardous situations are recurring events, they should be recorded and analyzed, “so next time we can reduce the severity of injuries.”