Iran Contributes 40% of Muslim World Science

Iran Contributes 40% of Muslim World ScienceIran Contributes 40% of Muslim World Science

More than 40% of scientific advancement in the Muslim world comes from Iran, head of Human Resource Development workgroup at Nanotechnology Development Headquarters said.

Seyed Mehdi Rezayat, speaking at the valedictory ceremony of the 4th National Nano Competition on Sunday, noted that prior to introduction of nanotechnology in Iran in 2001, essays on the subject were scant but the progress in the field is now significant. 

About 2,900 ISI articles on Nanotechnology have been registered during the past years and Iran ranks 7th globally in this field, he said quoted by IRNA.

The next step is to acquire revenue using that science. This is possible through scientific operational ideas. To serve this purpose, master and Ph.D. dissertations pivoting on Nanotechnology are welcomed and supported, Rezayat stressed.


The faculty member at Tehran University added: "Iran is now self-sufficient in producing nanotechnology equipment despite the Western-imposed sanctions on its civilian nuclear program. A Nano-lab network has also been established throughout the country and is accessible to university students and professors."

Rezayat said in technology, the second index after scientific discoveries is invention registration which needs to be attended to. In the sphere of health, Iran is among few countries in the Muslim world which has produced medical-health products using Nanotechnology.

Statistics show that over 15,000 Masters and Ph.D. thesis on Nanotechnology have been produced and 37 universities countrywide offer courses in the subject at Masters level. Some 300 companies work in various fields related to this area and have registered 150 Nano-based products.