WHO Official to Assess New Saudi MERS Outbreak

WHO Official to Assess New Saudi MERS OutbreakWHO Official to Assess New Saudi MERS Outbreak

An expert from the World Health Organization (WHO) will arrive in the Saudi capital Riyadh next week to assess the latest spate of infections and deaths from the deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). The expert will evaluate the measures taken by the government, Arab News reported.

“Our Ministry of Health has made every effort to contain the virus inside the National Guard Hospital in Riyadh, the health facility at the center of the surge in cases over the past week,” said Izz Al-Din Muhseini,  WHO representative in Saudi Arabia. Muhseini appealed to the public to follow the health guidelines issued by the ministry, which includes avoiding infected camels.

He also said government officials have been taking strict measures inside hospitals to curb the virus, including providing specific training for health professionals.