Single Women Allowed to Adopt

Single Women Allowed to Adopt Single Women Allowed to Adopt

Good news for many a single woman desirous of adopting children. The State Welfare Organization (SWO) is now allowing unmarried women over the age of thirty to adopt; something that once was the prerogative of only married couples. There are plenty of single women who nevertheless want to raise kids and are now excited at the prospect.

 But it takes more than motherly affection to raise a child. There comes a special responsibility with adoption. Iran newspaper has interviewed several women on the issue to find out what they think of adoption.


Zeinab, 27 who recently became a mother says that motherhood is a difficult task since she is dealing with it firsthand." I have a sickly child who needs a lot of care; is just a womanly desire to have a child enough?'' She believes that there should be a period of trial and error for applicants prior to motherhood and psychologists and sociologists should be part of the program. To her, many single women do not simply have a realistic picture of motherhood and all it entails.


 Another dilemma facing potential adopters is the possible desire for marriage that might arise later in life. Shiva, a single woman with a good income says she has no desire for marriage now but greatly desires to have a child. She also raises some questions that are worth pondering.'' What if I adopt a child and then suddenly find the right person to marry? What if I give birth to children of my own and then find out that I love my own kids more?'' She is afraid her concerns are legitimate since she has no idea what genuine motherhood is all about. But this is not her only fear; she remains wary about the adopted kid wanting to find his or her true parents after becoming an adult. These are the deterrents which make her think twice before making any hasty decisions. 

Tannaz, a single mother herself casts other doubts; she believes it's hard to ascertain the mental health of women who want to adopt children. The vulnerability of adopted kids makes this all the more critical. 

Golden Opportunity

On the other hand, there are those who perceive this as a golden opportunity. Zahra, who is now forty thinks back to 10 years ago when she applied to adopt a child but her request was denied.  She says if her wish had been granted, she wouldn't be lonesome, now that she is ill. 

Soheila, a photographer believes that raising a child gives women a sense of security and belonging.'' The idea of a kid growing up, becoming a parent and having children is enough temptation for a woman to apply for adoption'', she says.