New Treatment in Cancerous Tumor

New Treatment in Cancerous TumorNew Treatment in Cancerous Tumor

Researchers at Islamic Azad University have developed laboratory samples of a radiomedicine that can be used in treating cancerous tumors.

“A majority of new nanoparticles have resolved the issue of cell resistance to medication and set the stage for a new era in treating cancer,” said Navid Aghaei, project manager.

The nano-radiomedcines can shrink tumors to a considerable degree, which in turn can be treated in a timely manner without damaging healthy cells, reports Mehr News Agency.

Aghaei maintained that the project seeks to present a treatment method for solid tumors such as those responsible for breast, liver and prostate cancers.

“Currently, Iran is active in production of various kinds of nano-radiomedicines diagnosis and treatment,” he added.

Citing the benefits of using nano-radiomedicines in treating tumors, he said, “Nano-radiomedicines are a combination of nanoparticles and radio isotopes and contain organic and inorganic compounds; injecting these medicines into the area around the tumor will eradicate chances of the tumor spreading to other organs.”

The treatment tried out in rats had led to a considerable decrease in the size of breast tumor within two weeks after the injection.

Aghaei is confident that the results of his research would lead to the domestic production of nano-radiomedicines.