Fast Track Call Center for Taxis

Fast Track Call Center for TaxisFast Track Call Center for Taxis

A fast track application for taxis is under development and it will operate on Android or iSO supported smartphones linking passengers to the Tehran Municipality’s Taxi Driving Company (TDC).

The TDC will be automated to manage the city’s taxi fleet and to streamline the demand and supply of taxi transport. It will also help meet inadequate transport services in remote areas and optimize operational time.

The tracking system will provide a digital map locating all taxis along with their number plates. The nearest taxi to the passenger’s location will be dispatched and the license number of the taxi will be texted to the client, reports Mehr News Agency.

As per a memorandum signed between the TDC and Tehran Bank-e-Shahr (City Bank), the cab fares will be charged electronically and will cover over 15,000 taxis.

There is growing dissatisfaction over the performance of the taxi fleet as they are hard to find during the rush hours, and the long delays in arrival of call taxis are complaints most frequently heard from users.

Heavy traffic congestion makes it almost impossible for taxi drivers to meet the high demand for services. Therefore, passengers have to endure long hours for taxis to arrive, says Meysam Mozaffar, managing director of TDC.

The need to digitize taxi services to meet the growing urban transport challenges and satisfy passengers was long-felt.