Medical Charity Brings Hope to Remote Areas

Medical Charity Brings Hope to Remote AreasMedical Charity Brings Hope to Remote Areas

The most well-equipped medical charity, ‘Montazeran’ visited Gilan-e Gharb county in Kermanshah Province (in the eastern part of the Iran-Iraq border) to provide health care services to people in the underprivileged region.

The team also offered health services to people from Ilam, Kermanshah, Qasr-e Shirin, Islam Abad and Qarb counties and Iraqis from the border villages of Iraq.

The charity is affiliated to the Islamic Azad University of Tehran and is camping in Gilan-e Gharb county since August 8, IRNA reported.

“Our physicians and dentists have examined and treated more than 4,000 rural people,” said Jalal Adeli, head of the team that comprises specialists in different medical fields, including gynecologists and specialists in general surgery, in addition to general physicians.

Medical services, including counseling, were offered free of cost. Also, prosthetic interventions were performed and a dental laboratory was established for the elderly.

Gilan-e-Gharb county has a population of 72,000.