Good News for Left-Handers

Good News for Left-HandersGood News for Left-Handers

The Left-handed Society of Iran officially commenced operation on the International Lefthanders Day (Aug. 13) after the permit was granted by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

“The NGO was established to identify and nurture left-handed individuals in Iran who are neglected for a variety of reasons,” said Farzaneh Masoumian, secretary general of the society. Almost all facilities including ATMs, computer keyboards, chairs, automobiles, and even scissors or bottle openers are primarily designed for the right-handed majority in the world. Therefore, the society seeks to help provide a friendlier environment for left-handers, she said. “Left-handers comprise 10% of the Iranian population and need more attention; with more training, counseling, and specialized facilities they can be more productive,” Masoumian maintained.