TM Measures to Help Conserve Water

TM Measures to Help Conserve WaterTM Measures to Help Conserve Water

Increasing the capacity of the capital’s concrete water tanks, which are used to irrigate green spaces, is among the measures taken by the Tehran Municipality (TM), in water conservation.

The amount of water saved for Tehran green space irrigation is 550,000 cubic meters.

“The water is collected in huge underground concrete tanks. We seek to build new reservoirs and increase the amount to 800,000 cubic meters,” ISNA reported Mojtaba Abdollahi, the TM’s urban services deputy as saying.

In winter when less water is needed, the tanks generally get filled up with flowing rain or melting snow waters.

The water is then transferred to special tankers fitted with pumps to be utilized for the green areas.

 Contractors Warned

At present, Tehran’s green spaces are completely irrigated with raw water supplied from the concrete tanks and also wells.

The municipality is now fully independent in irrigation water supply. Further, all the 22 district green space contractors have been notified and any diversion of drinking water supplies for irrigation purposes will lead to their contracts being terminated, he added.

 Another measure for water conservation is raising citizens’ awareness about water consumption patterns. In this regard, information placards and banners have been installed in all the city districts to encourage judicious water use.

Despite the severe water crisis in Tehran, with the help of water conservation systems and drip irrigation, the city’s green spaces and numerous gardens and trees didn’t face water problems this summer.