Move to Help Cut Road Mishaps

Move to Help Cut Road MishapsMove to Help Cut Road Mishaps

More than 1,800 traffic control cameras will be installed on the main roads, by the end of the current calendar year (March 20, 2016), said Esmaeil Gholami, transportation deputy at the Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization (RMTO). “Installation of surveillance and speed control cameras is an effective way to reduce road accidents and human casualties,” IRNA quoted him as saying. Construction of ‘rest areas’ or ‘rest stops’ along the national highways and freeways where drivers and passengers can take a breather, can also reduce driver fatigue and drowsiness, and thus help prevent road accidents. At present, there are 543 rest areas along freeways and 403 are under construction. The RMTO has earmarked $105,000 for private contractors who are interested in constructing ‘rest areas’ along the roads.  “We also have set a ceiling of 10 years for phasing out trucks (over ten tons) to reduce road casualties,” he added.