Progress in Digital Registration of Deeds Commended

Progress in Digital Registration of Deeds CommendedProgress in Digital Registration of Deeds Commended

Representatives from the International Union of Notaries (UINL), who visited Iran last week, said the notarization system in the country had evolved in a “noteworthy” manner.

“The delegation will report on Iran’s progress in the past few years in notarization and registration of deeds,” said head of Iran Notaries Association Mohammad Reza Dashti Ardakani.

Legal authorities from Russia, Algeria, and France are also planning to visit in the coming months to study Iran’s advancement in the field.

Iran, together with a number of states including Georgia, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, New Zealand, Serbia, and South Korea, has applied for membership of UINL which currently comprises 87 states.

The UINL based in Rome, Italy, is a non-governmental organization established to promote, co-ordinate and develop the duties and activities of Notaries throughout the world and has “preferential relations” with professional legal officers who fulfill notarial duties in various countries or with the bodies that represent them. The members of the union are represented by their respective national councils or by similar national organizations, notarial districts and regional or provincial societies of notaries.

“Prior to the July 14 landmark nuclear deal between Iran and the six major powers, member states were reluctant to visit Iran in spite of invitations. The positive outcome of the negotiations has made Iran an attractive proposition,” he said.

European notaries were surprised by Iran’s partial adoption of e-governance in deed registrations given that “many members of UINL are only beginning to apply the technology.”

Registration of deeds has been digitized up to 95% and will be completed by the end of the current Iranian year (March 20, 2016).

In May, a comprehensive report on the progress of each office piloting electronic registration of deeds was published under the supervision of Ahmad Tooyserkani, head of the State Organization for Registration of Deeds and Properties (SORDP), to track the implementation process.