Registration of Porters, Carts at Grand Baazar

Registration of Porters, Carts at Grand BaazarRegistration of Porters, Carts at Grand Baazar

All porters at Tehran Grand Bazaar will be registered and their handcarts issued number plates, said Mehdi Vahdatkar, deputy of Transportation and Cargo Traffic at Tehran Municipality.

More than 10,000 porters work at the Grand Bazaar.

Vahdatkar called on porters to register at the TM’s “Peik-e-Badpa” office, the biggest courier service in Tehran, by late August. At present, 3,000 porters are on the roster, reports ISNA.

Porters will be given uniforms with the number plate of their handcarts displayed on the back.

There was no detailed information on the porters earlier and the measure should help plan their economic activities and livelihoods.

The registration of porters is supervised by the TM and Tehran Police, and action will be taken against those who fail to register.

Porters facilitate transport of heavy loads of cargo in the bazaar. However, their work needs to be organized as the handcarts often pose obstacles to the flow of traffic in the busy area.

Tehran’s Grand Bazaar plays the key role in commercial activities. It is also a major tourist attraction in the capital.