Separate Detention Camps for Drug Smugglers

Separate Detention Camps for Drug SmugglersSeparate Detention Camps for Drug Smugglers

Detention camps in seven provinces are being established specifically for drug dealers. The camps will have capacity for 37,000 offenders, said Alireza Jazini, deputy secretary general of the Iranian Drug Control Headquarters (DCHQ).

By the end of the current year (started March 21), adequate infrastructure and capacity to house 7,000 drug dealers will be created across the country, IRNA quoted him as saying.

Last month, the construction of a separate prison for drug offenders in Fashafuyeh, Rey county, Tehran Province, was completed.  It is exclusively for drug offenders who have been sentenced to more than 15 years, and can accommodate 10,000 inmates.

Drug dealers arrested for smuggling over 5 kg of hashish or opium and 30 grams of heroin, morphine, cocaine and amphetamines face execution.

The establishment of the camps is to facilitate mass arrests of drug dealers who are increasing beyond the capacity of existing prisons.

 Rehab & Treatment

As per the law, addicts of illegal drugs and psychotropic substances are kept in exclusive rehabilitation and treatment centers after arrest for 1-3 months. At present, there are 5,000 outpatient addiction treatment centers and 1,200 inpatient treatment centers across the country.

The law also states that people who are caught using illegal drugs including hashish, opium or other types of non-pharmaceutical drugs should be sentenced to 20-74 lashes and fined $30 to $150. People who are caught using heroin, morphine, cocaine and amphetamines also are sentenced to 50-74 lashes and $60 to $300 fine.

However, addicts have been classified into two groups. Those under rehab with medical treatment cards will not be arrested, Jazini said.  

Annually, 200,000 people lose their lives due to drug addiction across the world, of whom 3,000 are Iranians.

Jazini said drug addiction is a global problem that has affected 170 countries.