Euro V Standard for Taxi Fleet

Euro V Standard for Taxi FleetEuro V Standard for Taxi Fleet

All new vehicles in Tehran’s taxi fleet must be CNG-fueled based on the directive issued by the Supreme Council for Coordination of Cities’ Traffic, said Meysam Mozaffar, managing director of Tehran Municipality Taxi Driving Company (TDC).

“The council has laid specific regulations to issue license plates. Vehicles must be powered by CNG to comply with Euro V standard,” he was quoted by ISNA as saying.

At present, the only CNG-powered vehicle manufactured locally is Samand EF7, and the new taxi fleet will comprise these cars. Other vehicles that meet Euro V standard will also be issued taxi license plates.

“Once approved by the council, we plan to introduce other cars that meet the standards such as Toyota Camry, in the capital’s public transportation system,” he added.